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Enumera is a collaborative population census that helps the services and organizations that you rely on get the insights and funding they need.

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What are we building?

Enumera is a population census protocol that leverages the power of peer-to-peer distributed ledgers to get the most accurate population count possible. The census data collected with Enumera is anonymized and protected from tampering by any person or agency. These privacy and security guarantees can be safely monitored and validated on a public blockchain.

We are building Enumera because we believe that census data should accurately count all people within a society. It should not be exclusionary or discriminatory. The Enumera Open Census Protocol introduces four founding principles for a modern-day census that upholds these values.


An extensible census. Enumera allows a census form to dynamically capture the identities of a community. Anyone can propose questions be added to the census, and the community decides on which questions are worth keeping.


Publicly verified on the blockchain. Every Enumera census entry is anonymized, encrypted and securely sent to a public blockchain. The security features used to maintain privacy can be publicly examined.


Completely decentralized. By using a peer-to-peer distributed blockchain system, we eliminate the risk of census data being lost, stolen, or corrupted in any way. The data is securely stored and maintained by thousands of people across the world.


Anonymous by default. No one will ever know what information you entered when you submit the Enumera census form. This means you can answer every question without fear of your personal information being revealed to law enforcement, immigration agencies, or any other government agency.

Census data has high impact

In the United States, census data determines where over $675 billion dollars in federal, state, and local funds are allocated.

Why is your participation important?

Census data informs how congressional district lines are drawn and determine how many congressional seats are alotted to each state. When you submit the Enumera census, you are contributing to data that can influence economic and legislative decisions that affect the future of your district, community, and neighborhood.

Your voice is powerful.

See how well your community is being counted with the
Census Hard to Count Map created by CUNY Center for Urban Research.

To learn more about how congressional districts lines are drawn, check out the
What the District?! map created by the ACLU.


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Co-founder - Product Design

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Co-founder - Blockchain Engineering

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Volunteer - Product & Business Strategy